I Am Student

31 May

As a learner being prepared to enter the workforce, I need certain things.

I need an education.

This includes rudimentary knowledge in the following:

  • How the human and the world the human lives in works (via mathematics, health education, and general science)
  • How the human thinks (via social studies/history, personal social experience, and the arts)
  • and of how the human experience is expressed (via literature, personal composition, and the arts)

At what point, though, should this education be considered my responsibility and not that of those who think they know what’s best for me? My experience and that of those around me suggests that at a certain point, yes, our education should become a matter of choice, however when is this?

I say that classes in high school should be required for two to three years, depending on the viewpoint of the local population, and at that point one should have the ability to choose a path, for one to two years, that they may follow in any given subject, for example mathematics, foreign languages, the sciences, the english language and literature, et cetera.

Any thoughts? I’m happy to be proved wrong if the argument’s got good support.

/a student


4 Responses to “I Am Student”

  1. ebeth who is too lazy to sign in 31/05/2008 at 15:06 #

    true story, that’s what high school is like. i’m only required to have three math, three science, and two history credits (four english, but it’s important). i’ll end up with five english, four and a half history, four math, and three science. obviously i like english and history 😀

  2. a student 31/05/2008 at 15:35 #

    The problem is, I don’t – I want a science/mathematics career, and I’m not allowed to choose until college. That, of course, is when the prime years of learning are over (other than ages 0-1.5, I hear that’s when you learn the most).

    /a student

  3. Jadestone 31/05/2008 at 16:01 #

    My problem is that I’m trying to get all the required classes in, plus 4 years of spanish, and band- which leaves me with no time to take classes I actually want to take, like Music Theory or Art, that I probably won’t have the opportunity to later. Actually, I have to take summer school to get required classes in because I need to take practical arts, such as keyboarding (wtf?) or foods, in order to graduate. So I have to take consumer education over the summer, as it’s also required, so I can fit all that in. I may have one semester to take a class I enjoy is I take US Government over the summer next year. Which I don’t want to do either, but what else can I?

    Basically, I’ve learned that being a good student equals never being able to do what you want or explore your interests. It’s no wonder many people don’t bother trying.

  4. kricket 01/06/2008 at 00:00 #

    See, in my school, social studies is only required through 10th grade and then government in 11th to graduate. Yay! But still, I think that if you don’t want to take english classes or something that you’re not going to use in your future career, then you really should only have to take the basics. I’m going to try to fit AP classes into my schedule in junior year and that’s going to be tough because I really want to take band for the entire year. Also, I’d like to take some extracurricular classes and such like maybe Photography or something. I’m also trying to squeeze four years of German in, but I’d also somewhat like to take Spanish but there’s no way that’ll ever happen because of my schedule. I may have to take extra classes at the community college or something. Gah.

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