2 Oct

In a very long line of images.

Today, I don't have any diseases, I have all five of my senses, I don't have to fear for my life, my family loves me, I have wonderful friends who support me, I'm not doing horribly in college, my stomach is full, I'm wearing clothes, I have a secure job, I'm intelligent, and I'm beautiful. Oh, and it's Sunday - new PostSecrets are up. MyLifeIsG.

It just strikes me that there are so many beautiful things in this world that we fail to see. There’s a perfectly good reason for that, too – the same that causes people to get in trouble more than they get recognised for doing things correctly, and the same that makes the news so bloody. But regardless – I, too, do not have any diseases, have all of my senses, do not have to fear for my life, have a loving family, have wonderful friends, am not doing too horribly in my studies, have a full stomach, am wearing clothes, and am intelligent.

I wouldn’t call myself beautiful, and I don’t have a regular or secure job – but I have a loving partner, a tolerant attitude, a good outlook on life, and a fantastic school to go to to make up for those two tiny downsides.

I’m doing well. For some reason, today I feel just fine. Not freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional fine – but just fine. Good. Peaceful.

MLIG. And for once, it’s just good.


One Response to “Another”

  1. changingchords 03/10/2009 at 08:55 #

    Ana, you are
    SO beautiful.

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