Ana On Gender

12 Jun

I believe that people are mean. That sex is inherent because people believe what they see, and that people are only pretending sometimes. I believe that it takes a free spirit to see someone the way they truly aren’t, and that there aren’t too many of those in this world. I believe there won’t be for a while.

I see a future where we’re still fighting. Where people are crying because we’re still losing. I can only foresee an ideal future long after we’re not here to see it.


2 Responses to “Ana On Gender”

  1. Ren 12/06/2010 at 22:25 #

    Yes, people are mean. It’s true. Even little kids are mean.

    Not everyone’s bad, though. You know that. You just have to find as many good people as you can. Surround yourself with them, with the people that love you.

    Do that & you can make a safer space for yourself. & fight, yes, fight ’til there’s nothing to fight for anymore. Because if you don’t… why’s it even worth fighting in the first place? Someday the tables’ve gotta turn & I don’t really care if I never get to see that day. As long as it happens someday, I don’t care if I never get to see it.

    & you know what? Just because I haven’t seen it yet, just because I may never see it — it doesn’t mean I can’t believe in it. ‘Cause if I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t fight. It’s cyclic. Everything’s cyclic.

    [Everything evens out in the end. Even if we never see that end for ourselves.]

    Love you, Ana.

  2. Sauce 12/06/2010 at 23:47 #

    “it takes a free spirit to see someone the way they truly aren’t” is that intentional?

    My cousin thinks this sounds like a song. & she thinks that you should make it one.

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