Uberman Log, Day One

21 Jul

You’ll see soon why I’m posting now instead of at around six, which is when I’d planned on it.

(Things which may need explaining:

  1. I’ve taken to calling the four-hour chunks of time cycles.
  2. I use European time, or as close as I can get.
  3. One noticeable effect of sleep deprivation seems to be that I’ll skip random words in sentences. (A question I asked Bee this morning that perhaps I should be asking myself: ‘Did sleep?’ This prompted a laughing fit which last for several minutes. Which is probably another sign.))

1. Nap one: 2/10. Disaster. The night previous, my last day of truly monophasic sleep, I’d stayed up late and slept until 13:00. The day previous, I did not rest at all and stayed awake from 13:00 all the way to 04:00. (Note: This was unplanned. My entry into the world of Uber was rather sudden and based on whim.) The plan went something like ‘I’ll be so tired I’ll just fall straight asleep!’ But it worked out to be something more like ‘I’ll be so buzzed I just lie in bed awake, even when I get pissed at myself and set my nap time to be an hour instead of thirty minutes!’ From 04:00 to 04:30, I sat excitedly in bed, slowly losing hope as time went on. From 04:30 to 05:00, I fumed in bed, slowly getting more dissatisfied as time went on. Luckily, I was able to drift off just slightly directly before my alarm went off. I’m only just barely conscious of time stopping its passing- or, rather, I can only just barely tell that I wasn’t conscious of time’s passing for a fraction of a minute before my alarm went off. Anyway, this means that I technically still haven’t pulled an all-nighter. 😛

Cycle one: 9/10. Pretty damn productive. I won’t be too boring and go through everything, but I watched the sun rise, went for a run, made breakfast for myself (eggs, garlic toast, leftover ambrosia salad with extra fruit (DELICIOUS I want this for breakfast EVERY day), orange juice, and an apple I saved to eat between cycles that for normal people traditionally have food in them), blogged, and talked to people. I just felt like I was flying forward in time and for once I could control the trip. I got the time-slowing-down feeling, even in a slight form, from the very first cycle. Also, I wasn’t yet tired enough to impede anything I tried to do. You watch, it kicks in.

2. Nap two: 4/10. I don’t remember it very well, but I do remember it was much the same as nap one. Fortunately at this point I really was tired enough to fall asleep fast- it’s just that for me, fast means in about twenty minutes instead of about thirty. (Note: I may change my nap time to forty-five minutes for a bit. I seem to have trouble actually falling asleep, and I don’t want this to mean that I’m getting close to ten minutes every four hours instead of twenty to thirty.)

Cycle two: 6/10. Again, barely any recollection. I should have done this during the day, when I remembered. I do remember that I tried to eat the apple and it was one of the disgusting ones. Productivity plummeted, but I think I started my Spanish homework. (The assignment that was due July tenth.) (… Don’t worry [too much], I finished it last night and sent it off this morning.) I probably played a lot of flash games, too… I seem to remember getting really good at the Space Game, Dolphin Olympics, and Gemcraft.

3. Nap three: Okay, honestly, I only remember that I fell asleep a little faster than before. This one was at noon.

Cycle three: … Same deal. Today I’m rating and commenting on things as they come, then blogging about them.

4. Nap four: 3/10. This was at 16:00, and I remember trying to get to sleep was pretty bad. I don’t sleep during the day, after a rule. Somehow, I’d forgotten that in the planning stages of this process.

Cycle four: 3/10 as well. I remember this being a time during which for whatever reason it was almost impossible to work. I’d told myself I would finish the essay this cycle. Then didn’t. I wasn’t too awake, either.

5. Nap five: 2/10. I didn’t get any sleep. I think the rest that I was getting all along was catching up with me, because…

Cycle five: 6/10. The most productive cycle since the first. Not that I actually got much done, it’s just that I felt fully alert and completely capable, as far as this project goes. I talked to people, which is something I always enjoy, edited some lyrics Juliet sent me for better songwriting, and caught up on things. I also tried meditating before the next nap, which seemed to help a bit.

6. Nap six: 4/10. The last nap of the bigger cycle that other people call a day. Went surprisingly well, after the 20:00 buzz cycle. Waking up was more difficult, though. This is where I started to think something was wrong with my alarm.

Cycle six: 7/10. This was another extremely productive time. I’m pretty sure my favourite cycles are going to be the ones from midnight to four and from four to eight. I finished that essay and scared Zach a little by talking way too fast at him for about three minutes, then signing off to go to sleep without warning. I also ate a banana earlier. Bananas are delicious, but I hate how the taste of them stays with me. Note: Eat bananas with other things to wash down the taste.

End of day one.

7. Nap (seven) one: 6/10, sleep-wise. Oops. Whoops, damnit all, and more oops, otherwise. I had moved my alarm up to my loft, because it was getting hard to hear, and I wanted to make sure I woke up. I also set it for 04:50, instead of 04:30. My little gift to myself, because I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep. Ironically to both of these points, I proceeded to wake up at 09:50. Apparently I can now turn off my alarm in my sleep. It’ll be going back down on the ground floor of my room.

And that’s as far as I am now- I’m on cycle one of today, cycle seven overall. As bad as the oversleeping is for my schedule, there are positive points to be taken from it. For one, when I woke up I felt horrible- and I’m not talking about beating myself up over not getting up, I mean that I physically felt terrible. I had a pounding headache, which I never get, I was stiff, and my eyes were disgustingly crusty. I take this to be a good thing because it means that when I’m off the normal schedule, my body rebels. Good for it. Shows character.

For two, I woke up at 09:50. That is POSITIVE. I slept for four hours, not ten. Get where I’m going with this? I also woke up naturally, without any outside help. Even if the last positive thing is dubious, I’m sure that this is a good sign. It means I’m getting better at the whole polyphasic deal.

As a side note, other people have reported that once they get this schedule rolling, they can take the training wheels off- that is, completely remove the alarm from the equation. I doubted I would be able to do this, but this is a new development… Maybe there’s hope?

Anyway, that’s the first day. I’ll be updating tomorrow with today’s news, or maybe tonight, if I get bored.


One Response to “Uberman Log, Day One”

  1. nonnie 21/07/2010 at 20:38 #

    Really interesting stuff. I feel like you need to have sponsorships or something. And I’d like to see one of these logs make Freshly Pressed sometime. 🙂

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