Uberman Update

22 Jul

I am positively insidious. I am evil and pernicious and devilishly, seductively subversive. I am working against myself, and I am not to be trusted.

That is to say, I messed up again. Or rather, my body messed up again.

I have two alarms- one set on my watch and the other on my iHome. The watch is effective because when I set it for the next time I’m to wake up, I hide it. The iHome is effective because I sleep in a loft, and it’s on the ground floor of my room. I figured I’d be safe.

Apparently, at around four thirty, I was so tired that my body actually found the watch from where I’d hidden it, turned that off, climbed down my ladder, turned the other alarm off, climbed back up the ladder, and promptly went back to sleep again. This happened again at around seven thirty, although admittedly my watch would have been easier to find, and my iHome wasn’t set. I am impressed with my own dexterity, but this is discouraging at the very least, and demoralising at its worst.

I need a more reliable way of waking up.


2 Responses to “Uberman Update”

  1. Jadestone 22/07/2010 at 16:04 #

    Uh oh. Maybe you need to set the alarm REALLY LOUD. I have a problem sleeping through alarms, so I have one that goes off at a normal volume and plays music to sort of wake me up but I don’t get up for it, and another that BLASTS ANNOYING BEEPING NOISES that jolts me awake. I also have to get up to get both of them.

    If you even made it down/back up to a loft though, I’m not sure if that would help…

    • a student 22/07/2010 at 18:12 #

      I have a new alarm set that plays loud music from my computer. I have to type in my password to get it off. I really hope it helps.

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