Uberman Log, Day Two

22 Jul

Note: May be confusing, ‘do’ to the fact that I wrote this in segments. Self-referential humour, whoo! (Points if you understand why I tacked that last sentence on.) (Extra points if you see the humour in that last one, too.) (Even more points-OKAY ANYWAY.)

7, 8. Naps one and two and cycle one: Yeah. You know how this went.

Cycle two: 5/10. Broke even with this. Even meaning halfway. Halfway meaning halfway decent. I didn’t run, didn’t shower, didn’t eat breakfast… I was just a little discouraged by the nap failure earlier. I was relatively awake, but still a little hung-over, if you will.

9. Nap three: 7/10. I think my best yet. I have this theory about sleep… I think maybe that it takes a bit to catch up to me. So all of that extra rest from the mistake is just coming now… Bam! Awake. Or awaker. In conjunction with that, the extra tiredness that I got from the mistake helped me fall right asleep, along with some meditation. (About which I was talking with Braeden. She’s a firm believer that it’ll get me closer to sleep and I have to agree with her. I only did it for two minutes, this time, and it was still easier than ever to slip into dreamland.)

Cycle three: 5/10. Got ready for things to be done. Had an egg salad sandwich and brushed my teeth. When I figured out that Juliet was stopping by with Alyson, I took a shower. They gave me lemon squares and a ring! I am a size six and a half, by the way, though it’s better to err on the side of caution and get a seven, I think. Edit: I vary between the two with definite reality; this morning my method of putting the ring on involved ice.

10. Nap four: 2/10. Horrible. I hardly slept. I’m starting to settle into the schedule, and I get the idea that the middle of the afternoon is not the best place to sleep no matter how much REM you’ve been getting. But we shall see. On the bright side, using my watch as an alarm is working. I just set it for a half hour and then toss it where I can’t see so I have to find it to stop it. Take that, magical turning-off-the-alarm-while-asleep skills.

Cycle three: 6/10. In terms of wakefulness. I gamed a little. Had dinner. Was unproductive. But that’s not necessarily a problem. Tomorrow, we shall see how things really go… If I don’t start getting stuff done then, we might have a problem.

11. Nap five: 5/10. Average. I didn’t really sleep, but I did drift off just at the end, which is becoming the norm. We shall see if this continues.

Cycle four: 6/10. I think the worst may be behind me? I did get that unplanned recharge time in the morning, but I still feel alert and fine, overall. I do feel the weariness setting in, though; we’ll see what happens after nap five…

12. Nap six: 1/10. I didn’t think things could get any worse, but they definitely did- I did not sleep. Period. I was so awake, in fact, that I got a song idea. Helpful, but not helpful (especially because I’ve since forgotten the idea). I welcome the sleep deprivation only with the knowledge that it will make me better at this faster.

Cycle six: 3/10. I’ll say this: I was awake. That’s essentially as far as my alertness goes, though. Around 02:00, I started researching a question that’s been bugging me with what few resources I had in my room: Does blood clot due to being exposed to oxygen, or some other factor? Needless to say, I didn’t get far, and the question remains unanswered. Funnily enough, though, I discovered something else- while medical texts are nearly impossible to read while listening to Nelly (as I found out a few cycles earlier via Hot In Herre (yes, that’s spelled correctly)), they’re actually quite good for reading while sleep-deprived. Perhaps my reading speed and comprehension are impaired, yes, but at least I don’t have any trouble with nodding off like a lot of people starting the Uberman have said they do. It might have something to do with the complexity of the text- keeps my brain on its toes.

A couple of overall notes: Social interaction seems about normal, though one continuing effect I’ve noticed is that I keep forgetting words or accidentally misusing homonyms. One recurring one is typing ‘do’ instead of ‘due’. Anyway, the true test of whether or not the worst is behind me will be what happens tonight, I think. Last night was when things really hit me. My brain is really still operating monophasically.

I’m writing this around three thirty, about half an hour before my next nap is scheduled. When it gets to be three forty-five, I’m going to reset my countdown alarm (which has helpfully been able to ring every four hours without resetting) back to 4:00 so that I can do this again for the next couple of cycles and tack fifteen minutes onto my sleep time. I seem to be having trouble actually falling asleep- I can’t actually say anything as to what’s going on in my brain when I do finally get to dreamland, but I’m just having so much trouble arriving that it seems like I’m not even adjusting; just harming myself.

Hopefully, fifteen minutes will act as a buffer: I know now that I can easily stay completely awake for a full half hour with my eyes closed, waiting for sleep- but can I do that for a full forty-five? Somehow I doubt it, especially given the way my eyes feel right now. I measure the depth of my folly in losing sleep by how horrible my eyes feel, and currently they are about five sixths of the way to apoplectically puffy and furious.

Also, did you know that if it weren’t for the process of cells selectively committing suicide, we wouldn’t have fingers or toes? That’s cool stuff, in my opinion.

… Also, did you know that I get really wordy and manic when I lose sleep?


3 Responses to “Uberman Log, Day Two”

  1. izziey 22/07/2010 at 21:41 #

    hah. oh dear. I do hope you start being able to fall asleep soon.
    I’m also still thinking of trying this. Just not when I have stuff I have to be doing and places I have to be going.

    • a student 23/07/2010 at 05:21 #

      The last nap seems to have erased a few of my fears… Keep stopping in; there will keep being updates.

  2. izziey 22/07/2010 at 21:43 #

    oh and also, I did not know that, but I’m glad my cells selectively commit suicide, cause I would look pretty funny with no fingers or toes.

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