Uberman Update Two

23 Jul

Alright, back on track!

I’m feeling pretty good right now, despite the fact that I feel completely and utterly like a puddle. An oily puddle. A gooey, oily puddle made of something that quite possibly was ooblek in a past life but no longer has any semblance of playfulness or innocence and instead takes on a sinister façade of indifference and malice to the- Ahem. Sorry.

I am actually feeling good right now. I do feel like a puddle – a really, really tired one at that – but mentally, I- Okay, I’m not getting anywhere with this. Mentally, I feel that way too.

Let’s just suffice to say I’m tired but happy BECAUSE I-can’t-believe-it’s-taken-this-long-to-get-here I just made it through my first true 04:00 nap. I consider this sort of a reboot to the whole Uberman project, especially considering how unstructured and truly naughty yesterday was. I’ll call this day three.

A few notes on the experience that I’ll get down now (while I still remember them you have NO IDEA how much sleep deprivation has been wreaking havoc with my memory):

As I mentioned in the note I left for my parents (acting essentially as a fourth backup alarm), I set three alarms, each more devious than the last. Like previously, I set my watch and threw it across the room without watching so I’d have to find it to turn it off. Then I set my second alarm for two minutes after that and placed that on my dresser (it’s too delicate to ‘hide’, if you can call what I was doing with the watch that). Then I set a third alarm for two minutes after that with a handy little [FREE] application called [unsurprisingly] Alarm Clock. It lets you play music as your alarm, plus also there’s another function that does something that I haven’t tried because honestly, if there are two options to wake up and one involves doing it to music, who cares what the other is? Especially when it’s the prelude to that cello suite (yes, it’s the one you think it is). Or Rainbow Stalin. Anyway, I locked my computer so that I would have to type my password to stop the alarm.

I had originally set all of them for five (and 05:02, and 05:04, pet the gicture?). But then I couldn’t sleep, so I reset them for five fifteen. But then I couldn’t sleep again, so I reset them for five fifty. Both the fact that I couldn’t sleep and the fact that I really couldn’t sleep surprised me… I would’ve thought that after what happened some cycles previously, I would be more tired than ever and easily able to fall asleep, but this wasn’t the case.

I’m boring you, though! Plus, I want to get out for a run and it’s already nearly seven. I need to be back for the next nap (because I need the next nap badly). So here’s the rest of the story, really fast: I fell asleep. Then I woke up.

No, but really, I woke up. Easily. The watch woke me. I shut it off. I went to the other alarm right as it rang. I shut that off. I forgot about the third and started using my computer. The third rang. I shut that one off. That reminded me of the note, and I went and got that from the top of the stairs, since I no longer had any need for it. I woke up. Dude. That worked out. Happy pandas.

Oh, and also, new words that suffer from sleep deprivation: across (malformed: accross) and sleep (malformed: seelp). Funnily enough.

Right! That’s it for now! Ta!


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