Uberman Log, Day Four

25 Jul

19. Nap one: 5/10. Similar to the previous day’s 04:00 nap – it went pretty well, as sleep goes, but getting up I felt like someone had run me over.

Cycle one: 3/10. If I remember correctly, I also extended the last nap time a bit, which means this was shorter- though that was a gift, considering how I felt. I didn’t go for a run, and I didn’t shower, and I didn’t eat anything, even though after a skipped wee-hour meal (though I’ve had two meals today and not lost that feeling)I was ravenous… I just basically waited until eight when I could finally sleep again. It sure paid off, nap-wise.

20. Nap two: 6/10. I went back to sleep and went down like a rock. The only problem being getting up again.

Cycle two: 6/10. First thing I did was take a shower, where I promptly fell ‘asleep’ against the porcelain-like material. Which was planned; I knew I wouldn’t be able to properly sleep, and as such the shower would provide an acclimation period. When I finally got out (a half hour later; my showers that have seemed extraordinarily long of late have actually been around a half hour each time), my body was all confused- it wanted substantial food, yet I was awake at 09:00… I appeased the rumbling mass somewhere in the lower end of my torso by microwaving spaghetti and sauce and meatballs, damnit. It didn’t taste particularly good (even the meatballs, which was surprising), but it was filling and full of carbohydrates just as much as the faux-milkshake I made myself. (I’ve been doing a few low-key long-term experiments, and I’m almost certain that I run primarily on carbs… Carbohydrate loading for me is so not the same as it is for other people. Metabolism, I choose you!)

21. Nap three: 5/10. Both the shortest and the easiest to wake up from, which believe me are not as related as that fragment might lead you to believe. Important things to say, let’s see… Ooh. I forgot to say this, but during one of the two previous naps, at 04:00 or 08:00, I am absolutely sure I was in REM the entire time- because as soon as I fell asleep I was dreaming, and I was woken during the dream, or rather as it ended. This is very satisfying; it shows true, concrete progress.

Cycle three: 6/10. Felt much better and indeed did not fall asleep. I cleaned the shower because it was getting gunky (Aidan uses way too much conditioner). I think I might use it after the next cycle… Or maybe I’ll go for a run and then use it. Yeah. I like that idea. Anyway, I didn’t do much more.

22. Nap four: 5/10. Got to my nap late, due to an excess in gaming. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, and I’ve since started to follow that model. It gives me more time to wind down after my alarm goes off telling me to start calming down, and it also cuts down on my naps, which are currently set at an hour. I think that’s too much, given the amount of success I’ve been having lately. Anyway, my grandparents showed up right before, which delayed it even further. No worries, though; when I got up I was fairly chipper. I ate dinner. Leftover shish kebab material.

Cycle four: 6/10. I hesitate to give such a high rating… I did nothing, and it’s starting to really get on my nerves. See notes. Overall, though, I fought off SD (or rather, did not have to as much).

23. Nap five: 8/10. I ran a little experiment with a few different variables… Sort of just testing the waters. First, I purposefully waited to start my nap a full half hour, the entire time intending to stay awake and not calm down in preparation. Second, I did not set my alarm for some other time; it remained as was, which meant that I went to bed at 20:30 and woke up at 21:00. All told this was my best nap yet. I pushed myself and tried some new things and I succeeded at those new things. It was also closer to the twenty- to thirty-minute nap guideline of the Uberman.

Cycle five: 5/10. Wound myself down a bit and relaxed… Tonight was sort of a bad night socially; everyone was just feeling blue. Not to mention the fact that Aly really needs to get better, please… I wasn’t quite as bad as everyone else, so it really was a bit of a downer- especially when practically everyone promptly left. No matter, though. I ended up getting bored and watching the first twelve minutes of the fifth Harry Potter (for the second time). (Anna, Phia and you and I and Ross and Callan and Victoria and HPA people why didn’t I just say that in the first place should get together again.)

18. Nap six: 6/10. Waking up may have been tough, but, see, I can’t remember falling asleep. And that’s very good. It means I did it and did it properly.

Cycle six: 6/10. When I got down from the loft, my mind was not at all clear… No amount of head-shaking would put it right, so I jumped in the shower. I needed one anyway. Once I was out I warmed up a plate of some pesto pasta (that’s actually the exact same type of pasta I had, although the dish was different because there were no mushrooms or peas or anything, just the pasta and pesto themselves) and sat myself down to finish the movie (for the first time). It was pretty good, and I have to admit that they did a good job of making from what in my opinion was the most boring book a very likable movie. Harry and Cho are such awkward kissers, though. I do so very much enjoy Harry and Ginny as a couple, too; there’s just something fitting about it. Or multiple things.

Notes: So, I definitely need a project. (Later: or a group of small activities that are organised similarly to a project, but that’s a mouthful.) DEFINITELY. I’ve been wasting all my time doing absolutely nothing productive- on the monophasic schedule, I had all the time in the world (okay, about fifteen or sixteen hours or so) in a single block to plan what I’d like to do. On this schedule I have to re-plan every four hours… And I’m not good at that, apparently. The idea is really more to keep me from beating myself up over wasting time than to keep me awake. (I think I might actually try to go back and edit my NaNoWriMo novel.)

Starting from the next nap on, I will write some goals I want to accomplish on my white board as soon as I wake up. After I’ve metaphorically vomited my wishes all over the board, I will look at them and attempt to complete… A lot of them. I will also try to think of things more in terms of days instead of cycles. As hard as that will be and as ephemeral as it is to exist in four-hour segments, it’s sort of a necessary precaution so I’ll be more productive. I do still retain at least a little bit of the monophasic mindset, even if I’ve screwed the sleep patterns all to heck, in that when I wake up at four thirty, I feel like I’m just starting the day. (Which I am – nap one.) I’ll use the cycle immediately after (as much as possible) to run daily as often as I can, shower daily as often as I can, and plan daily no matter what.

Phew. Resolutions make me tired. Wink. Wink.


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