26 Aug

It wasn’t entirely on my mind the way I
Intended it to be.
It happened.

The truth- well, it hurts to say.

So soon after I was so shocked after I was
Awed by how this world
Lets us go; we can try momentarily…
But we get tossed off

This delicacy of interconnectivity- I found it
Satisfying to the extreme, extremes meeting, forming
Circular cycles. Twisted in two, broken and meeting

I can’t stand it.

Aren’t we all?

That was yesterday… The truth- I won’t fight it.

I hope that we can work past the poeticism of this all.

I hope you can see straight now, love, because
I will rock your world
I can defocus your lenses
I should be entwined in your rods and cones.

When the love starts burning, you got to do what’s right.

Bring me back to pressure and passion
Heat kills: my cells slowly dying running sliding screaming
Down your hip.
We say this is precious and toss it away
Like your doubts; I would have
Carried you,
You know.

Treat me no good no more…


One Response to “Dada”

  1. changingchords 30/08/2010 at 10:28 #

    This is a stunning piece of poetry.

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