9 Sep

I cannot lose you, in the strictest sense of the word ‘can’ and the most real sense of the word ‘need’.


Heat Transfer

7 Sep

Life is so beautiful, sometimes. The fan that made me bleed is running right next to my head and there is a cricket and wind and lightning and I want to run all the way to your house just to show you this. Take you outside and kiss you and then leave, and you would be bleary-eyed and the wind is warm, love, and the lightning is bright, but it’s not here. Something went wrong in the line of things going wrong and suddenly there’s just one moment that’s right.

These are the nights we live, darling; these are the nights we die within ourselves and we fall asleep and rise up entirely new people.

In other news, I was thinking about you. I don’t want you fighting too hard for me. I’m not a good prize. Not good enough for you.


26 Aug

It wasn’t entirely on my mind the way I
Intended it to be.
It happened.

The truth- well, it hurts to say.

So soon after I was so shocked after I was
Awed by how this world
Lets us go; we can try momentarily…
But we get tossed off

This delicacy of interconnectivity- I found it
Satisfying to the extreme, extremes meeting, forming
Circular cycles. Twisted in two, broken and meeting

I can’t stand it.

Aren’t we all?

That was yesterday… The truth- I won’t fight it.

I hope that we can work past the poeticism of this all.

I hope you can see straight now, love, because
I will rock your world
I can defocus your lenses
I should be entwined in your rods and cones.

When the love starts burning, you got to do what’s right.

Bring me back to pressure and passion
Heat kills: my cells slowly dying running sliding screaming
Down your hip.
We say this is precious and toss it away
Like your doubts; I would have
Carried you,
You know.

Treat me no good no more…

For Later

31 Jul

A magnet poem.

This should post itself at two thirty-two. Just testing WordPress… Not to mention I wrote this, as well.

I’ll Just Post It Here

30 Jul

A magnetic poem

Not necessarily about today. It could be. It could not be.

Uberman Update Five

30 Jul

Two important notes:

  1. Gaming is ruining my life. I will no longer play unless at least one if not both of these qualifiers have been met:
    1. If it is two in the morning or something similar and I will sleep if my brain is not engaged with cheap entertainment.
    2. More importantly, if I have done something productive during the cycle and have more than a half hour left of free time.
    3. Scratch that, three qualifiers: If I have both showered and, if not exercised, at least made an effort or a plan to do so in the near future.
  2. This may not be working. I know when to cut my losses, and I can be healthy, despite some people’s doubts. I do know what I’m doing, guys. And if trust in that fails you, know that my body knows what it’s doing for certain. If I actually need sleep – in the real sense of the word – my body will sleep. I can’t train it out of that. This is only mildly successful because my body is tolerating my escapades so far. If it doesn’t anymore, I’ll stop. Say… In the space of three or four weeks, I must have a full fifteen naps in a row – two and a half days, or sixty hours – go perfectly.

I haven’t been keeping logs today- I’ll try to do them later, but I’m going out for a college visit in a few seconds. Ta!

Uberman Log, Day Nine

30 Jul

And by the way, I’m definitely not doing half-day posts. (For the record: Yesterday’s latter half was uneventful.) It’s nice for getting a post out at the end of the day – the same day that I post it on (the daylong buffer has always gotten to me) – but for some reason I don’t like doing the followup as much as I like doing the first part, and overall, I like doing them together much better.

As for logs for yesterday: You don’t need them. It went perfectly. I woke and slept just when I was supposed to. Overall rating of the day: 7/10. Tada!

This era had a lot of awesome music. Not to mention dance… That little thing at the beginning with the feet? Genius.