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What I’m Doing (despite whatever Twitter says)

23 Jul

There are three goals I have set myself for the end of this summer. Yes, it is fairly late to be mentioning these, and yes, I have already been working at them for some time now, but I think it’s worth putting them out there. Without further ado:

  1. Become ambidextrous.
  2. Learn Esperanto.
  3. Figure out my meaning in life.

All of these require explanation.

  1. This was a goal I set for myself when I learned of all the benefits. It is simply and purely a leisure. Priority: Third. Interest: Second. Achievability: Second.
  2. This goal was set immediately when I first heard of the language and all that it meant. I am now a part of the Esperanto movement and I would encourage you to learn the language, or at least learn of it. Priority: Second. Interest: First. Achievability: First.
  3. I suppose this is the ultimate goal for everyone, but it came into light this year especially. I know nobody can truly solve it, but for me, I came close late June (I can tell you about it if you wish) Priority: First. Interest: Third. Achievability: Third.

Since the beginning of the summer (when I started, more or less) I have progressed to leciono ses of the full ten (though I recommend starting here), am currently eating with my nondominant hand, and have written two fairly long pieces on why I exist and how I feel about it.

I would rate my progress at six and one-third out of ten.

What are you guys doing? Please send a link over or just link me in the post so I can use the trackback. Thanks!