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A Look 10/29/09

29 Oct

Don't use bathroom humour. That crap just isn't funny.


A Look 10/27/09

27 Oct

I want that so badly... But I guess it's just something I can't control.

A Look 10/26/09

26 Oct

The conditional tense might be a powerful tool... If only people would use it more often.

B√≥lero is rather discordant at the end…

A Look 10/25/09

25 Oct

It's become more of a factor than I ever dreamed it would...

A Look 10/24/09

24 Oct

Sometimes, I need more than a tenuous connection.

A Look 10/23/09

23 Oct

Designs and graphics and lyrics, oh my!

A Look 10/22/09

22 Oct

Motivate me.