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Spring (But Over Here[; Then])

14 Apr

Written a while ago, in Connecticut. I just want to get it out of my drafts folder.

I went outside twice [so far] today. Earlier, my grandfather went for a walk, and my father went along because he is my father, and my sister went along because there were puppies to be seen, and I went along because, well, I don’t know why. We walked over three rivers in a fairly large circular route, if you count two tributaries and their combined merger as three.

Torrington is a wasteland, as far as I can tell. My view of this little [relatively] southern world is highly limited, so I know I’m not getting the whole picture, but what I can see is barren and lifeless and muffled. The only two glimmers of hope were the river(s) and the park we passed… And both were surrounded by cement and darkness. (In a very light way. It wasn’t just summery in Vermont, you know.)

I lagged towards the back of our little group, walking along the high cement wall and wondering what would happen if I jumped when we came to the bridge. I want to, sometime. (I think I’d like to do things like bungee and BASE. The only thrills I’ve yet experienced come from You.)

We walked past puppies in a pet store in what I think is called a strip mall. What exactly is a strip mall?

Talking to my grandfather on the way back, I found out that he’s done about seventy-five percent of the genealogy that my mother’s done. So, theoretically, I could have most of my family’s history in my hands with not much effort- I just need to get stuff from my mother and bring the files that are apparently on a floppy or in my grandfather’s Windows 98 machine into a more compatible format… Voilà. Roots. (Hmm… You could probably find satisfaction that way, love.) Do I sense a goal? Yes I do.

The second time I went outside was for more than two hours, just sitting on the path behind the house. It’s a haven up there, away from all of the rest of the town. The garden just below is a little odd, but everything’s pleasant. There’s some sort of conifer above, and you can tell that nature has taken over- but only just enough so that everything is green. There’s a raised bed of some plants with pleasantly curved leaves… I wrote for practically all of the time, and read for the rest.

Unfinished. And it’ll stay that way.


13 Mar

1. Went to bed at twelve seventeen, after reading most of Eoin Colfer‘s Airman (you know him; he wrote Artemis Fowl, and it’s pronounced OH-EN KAL-FER).

2. Had some fantastically trippy dreams, involving some kind of narcotic, clockwork elephants on stilts, full armour from an asian country of some sort, a gymnasium, a wild chase scene, and a phosphorus-based electric-green gas that worked like chloroform.

3. Transferred to the floor at some point. I really forget, but I started on the bed and ended up on the floor. (This sounds harmless and fairly cute, but it begins to be dangerous when you realise that I regularly sleep six feet in the air. Luckily, though, my method of descent did in fact involve the ladder.)

4. Reality began to mix with dream when I was woken by my sister playing the piano at full volume. Was not pleased. … Could not bring myself to move to stop it.

5. Pretended I had no legs and attempted to figure out how to retrieve my glasses (they were in the loft). Made out really well, actually, and did eventually get them without the use of pedal locomotion, but in the end decided that while it was a fun pursuit, I would rather keep my legs in use.

6. Groggily sat in my chair and was surprised to see that someone was already talking to me (and before I saw the time, surprised that someone was even up at this time in the morning). Received a much more pleasant wake up call from Eli. Celebrated 10:05, not 22:05, for the first time in ages.

7. … Yeah.

It Is Pretty Normal

28 Oct

Now submitted on mylifeisaverage.com:

“A few days ago, in the ‘Suggestions’ section of the Facebook home page, I saw that Facebook was recommending that I suggest friends for my grandmother, because, quote: “She only has 14 friends.” Today, I saw that the reason for this recommendation had been changed to “She only has 14 friends on Facebook.” I’m glad someone’s looking out for grandma. MLIA”

Love you, Grandma. Hope it gets published.


(I am a little sad that I declined to take a screenshot of the first occurrence.)


2 Oct

In a very long line of images.

Today, I don't have any diseases, I have all five of my senses, I don't have to fear for my life, my family loves me, I have wonderful friends who support me, I'm not doing horribly in college, my stomach is full, I'm wearing clothes, I have a secure job, I'm intelligent, and I'm beautiful. Oh, and it's Sunday - new PostSecrets are up. MyLifeIsG.

It just strikes me that there are so many beautiful things in this world that we fail to see. There’s a perfectly good reason for that, too – the same that causes people to get in trouble more than they get recognised for doing things correctly, and the same that makes the news so bloody. But regardless – I, too, do not have any diseases, have all of my senses, do not have to fear for my life, have a loving family, have wonderful friends, am not doing too horribly in my studies, have a full stomach, am wearing clothes, and am intelligent.

I wouldn’t call myself beautiful, and I don’t have a regular or secure job – but I have a loving partner, a tolerant attitude, a good outlook on life, and a fantastic school to go to to make up for those two tiny downsides.

I’m doing well. For some reason, today I feel just fine. Not freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional fine – but just fine. Good. Peaceful.

MLIG. And for once, it’s just good.

The Whole Alcoholic Pie

21 Dec

Boy, am I glad I think alcohol tastes like shit.

Next week [assuming you’re all back in August, that is], when President C.D. “Dan” Mote welcomes freshmen to the University of Maryland, he will inform them that the college police will enforce underage drinking laws “with terrific ferocity.” And then he will turn around and, recognizing that most students do drink, tell the teenagers “to take care of each other when they see someone who’s passed out, to take advantage of all of our services for students who abuse alcohol.”

The whole article here: On campus, Legal Drinking Age Is Flunking the Reality Test

This is actually from a draft I’ve had saved since then – August 21st, 2008. Regardless, the information is still relevant. Before I post it, though, I’d like to make note of something: as of now, I have never been offered any form of alcohol by anyone other than my parents – my dad makes wine and I’m Italian, so I’ve obviously had the odd sip here and there (… and hated it every single time. I cannot stand that taste!). Not a single one of the people I know, none of my older friends, nobody, has ever had any involvement further than mine.

You might say I’ve lead a sheltered life, but I’m glad. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Because you really don’t want to get me drunk. 😀

My First Foray Into Politics

12 Aug

… Rather unnerving.

Anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing. No excuses, I know, but here are mine: My dad found out he had appendicitis, which you may have heard about through the twitterverse, and I went on vacation (then he had an abscess, scared the hell out of me getting out of the car by nearly crying, and is spending the night in the emergency room). For all you worriers: He’s… okay (I can’t stand to see him in that much pain, it’s horrible). I’m fairly sure he’ll pull out just fine.

Instead of wallowing further, I’m going to try to write this post now before it gets too late early (oops, too late early to hope for that).

So, what caught my eye was a tweet from Gary Stager. Being the misinformed sadly uneducated liberal I [think I] am, I followed the link, expecting juicy gossip to spread. Okay, true, there was juicy gossip, but I’m not spreading it in the way I thought I would.

The gist of the article: McCain recently gave a speech concerning the current Georgia situation, and used some words, phrases, sentences, and/or paragraphs remarkably like those on the Wikipedia article for the country. What they’re trying to say is that he plagiarized, and it looks as if that’s true, but the comments tell the real story.

The comments say two things to me:

  1. That Obama supporters in general OR just the supporters that ended up following that story are extremely aggressive
  2. That McCain supporters are actually quite good at refuting accusations.

I’m not going to say any more because I’ve probably already damned myself to a lifetime of criticism by even attempting to intelligently discuss politics, but see for yourself. Actually quite interesting.