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Reentering the Edutech World

19 Jul

First, some background: Arthus showed me a whole new world the year I was to graduate middle school. I participated in When Night Falls that year (or possibly the next, it’s very fuzzy in my mind). I started blogging more often, got connected with many a wise being such as Lisa Durff (who deserves special thanks because she is the one who reminds me via twitter whenever ANYTHING is happening). I never did get the hang of google reader, although I really should try, and became something akin to Arthus’s little brother, tagging along and learning to think for myself. I’d like to end the background section with a little apology: To whom it may concern, I am deeply ashamed of how I acted, and although some may consider this an overreaction, I believe I was too immature then to be at the level I was attempting to emulate. The most obvious form this took was my spelling and grammar – I used abbrs like “lol”, smileys, and 1337. Though I know some of you may use these, and think nothing of it, I must hold myself and be held by others to a higher standard. Again, sincerest apologies.

Time passed, and the idea of students 2.0 was born. Whether it was my immaturity or, as I believe, because I simply was too lazy to write enough content, I dropped out of the project.

After the whole fiasco, months passed. I attempted to blog intermittently, with little or no success, and soon gave up on the entire idea. Near the end of my freshman year in high school, however, I began to realize the value of expressing myself in this way. Once again, I was interested, and about a week ago, I began to watch the streams, and join the conversations. I began tweeting again, which I gave up along with blogging.

And so, with new resolve, here I am again. I’m bound to fail eventually, but here goes anyway. I’m off to go use google reader, take two. Any help for the noob is appreciated, or any suggestions for feed programs et cetera.