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26 Jan

Cranberry juice, bitches.

I love the little swirlies you get when you put ice in your glass.

I’ll Just Post It Here

30 Jul

A magnetic poem

Not necessarily about today. It could be. It could not be.

Just Thought I’d Show You

23 Apr

These are two of the most badass graphs I’ve ever seen.

A graph of the factorial function

The factorial function…

A graph of the inverse of the factorial function

And the inverse of the factorial function.

I didn’t even know there was a factorial function. There are so many things about this that are morally wrong.


Hold On A Second

6 Feb


Ivy’s Blog

3 Feb

Just an image and such... Hello, curious people who look for this!

Don’t Ask

24 Jan

A screenshot of my desktop.

I suppose I didn’t and should make this clear: This is now my desktop. Contrasting with what it was.

Ask About Anything/Everything

11 Jan

My desktop