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The Whole Alcoholic Pie

21 Dec

Boy, am I glad I think alcohol tastes like shit.

Next week [assuming you’re all back in August, that is], when President C.D. “Dan” Mote welcomes freshmen to the University of Maryland, he will inform them that the college police will enforce underage drinking laws “with terrific ferocity.” And then he will turn around and, recognizing that most students do drink, tell the teenagers “to take care of each other when they see someone who’s passed out, to take advantage of all of our services for students who abuse alcohol.”

The whole article here: On campus, Legal Drinking Age Is Flunking the Reality Test

This is actually from a draft I’ve had saved since then – August 21st, 2008. Regardless, the information is still relevant. Before I post it, though, I’d like to make note of something: as of now, I have never been offered any form of alcohol by anyone other than my parents – my dad makes wine and I’m Italian, so I’ve obviously had the odd sip here and there (… and hated it every single time. I cannot stand that taste!). Not a single one of the people I know, none of my older friends, nobody, has ever had any involvement further than mine.

You might say I’ve lead a sheltered life, but I’m glad. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Because you really don’t want to get me drunk. 😀