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26 Oct

(This is so much better than the studio version, despite its faults.)

So, today has been interesting. Basically, I did nothing at school. Which was a welcome relief. I think I acted too sarcastic in French, though; the teacher does not seem to approve of my… How shall I put it. Laissez-faire approach? Not to be too punny or anything.

Nota bene: This post is bound to be rather random. My brain is feeling scattered, and surprisingly, a headache seems to be lurking.

Second block seemed shorter than normal. Since I’ve been sort of busy… I am finding it harder to enjoy free time. I just didn’t want to do anything today.

I ended up going to the band room. Jordan was there… I played him some jazz and wished I could just lock all the doors and cover the windows. Maybe sing a bit. Probably have a one-person rave party.

[I think what was missing might have been you.]

Now is the type of time in which I will begin to say ‘I don’t know…’ and not really mean it at all. The thing is… I really don’t know, but that’s not the message I’m trying to send at all. Please, anybody, help me interpret when you find me like this?

Chemistry was fun. We went to the computer lab and did an activity on elements. I cheated and had time to check my email.

What? It wasn’t like it was real cheating.

I don’t get headaches. Ever. Plus, I had some ice cream and a brownie after school. Almost a binge day, depending on whether or not I eat a lot at dinner.

Speaking of that. You’ve probably never heard me use that term. Binge day. Unless of course you are Sierra, in which case you have. I’m not bulimic… Somewhat due to the fact that my ‘bingeing’ involves me just indulging a bit, but mostly because I don’t really purge. Some days, I exercise a lot more than normal and get excited when I see a ‘good’ number on the scale. But weight alone – actually, I’m beginning to think at all – is not a good indicator of health or improvement. So anyway. Enough worrying. Stop.

Seriously. There actually is nothing to be worried about here. What are the statistics? Five to fifteen percent of people with bulimia are also male. What are the numbers for people who used to be male?

Also, I just had dinner. It was good. Turkey tetrazzini.

I didn’t know how to spell that. I need to learn Italian, and restart Esperanto for the third time, and kick my French teacher into sanity and action, and I also need to show her my old French book and see if we can bully the language department into giving us money for people to get them, because the book is really just an orgasm on paper. Practically a French erotica novel.

I’ve come to the conclusion that iTunes and ǝsǝǝɥɔ ǝbɐʇʇoɔ have a really bad shuffle choice when it comes to music. On the other hand, iTunes just pulled up The Message, which I have to say is some high-quality beat-juice.

Or maybe it’s just that I don’t like anything anymore.

– want to scream to the world something, anything-only worry-only-only w-worr-onl-onlywor-only worry –

It is like a jungle, sometimes. I try not to wonder how I keep from goin’ under.

Makes me wonder how strings attached to wrists stay on without providing a constant pain to the owner’s little lines, associations with dissimilar topics in fabric turns- makes me wonder about the lines themselves → makes me remember wanting a closeness, takes me back to a silliness-innocence I’ve since lost, synapses to mush, because it is that time of year again, soon it’ll all start all over → seasonal ups, makes me wish I had a beat to my life → love the repetitive nature of feet slapping the pavement, jarring every now and then extending to the same synapses, hardened, diamond-crystal → wish I could be all that I want you to want me to be, makes me wonder

How I switch this off.

My First Foray Into Politics

12 Aug

… Rather unnerving.

Anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing. No excuses, I know, but here are mine: My dad found out he had appendicitis, which you may have heard about through the twitterverse, and I went on vacation (then he had an abscess, scared the hell out of me getting out of the car by nearly crying, and is spending the night in the emergency room). For all you worriers: He’s… okay (I can’t stand to see him in that much pain, it’s horrible). I’m fairly sure he’ll pull out just fine.

Instead of wallowing further, I’m going to try to write this post now before it gets too late early (oops, too late early to hope for that).

So, what caught my eye was a tweet from Gary Stager. Being the misinformed sadly uneducated liberal I [think I] am, I followed the link, expecting juicy gossip to spread. Okay, true, there was juicy gossip, but I’m not spreading it in the way I thought I would.

The gist of the article: McCain recently gave a speech concerning the current Georgia situation, and used some words, phrases, sentences, and/or paragraphs remarkably like those on the Wikipedia article for the country. What they’re trying to say is that he plagiarized, and it looks as if that’s true, but the comments tell the real story.

The comments say two things to me:

  1. That Obama supporters in general OR just the supporters that ended up following that story are extremely aggressive
  2. That McCain supporters are actually quite good at refuting accusations.

I’m not going to say any more because I’ve probably already damned myself to a lifetime of criticism by even attempting to intelligently discuss politics, but see for yourself. Actually quite interesting.