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Oh, Megle…

3 Apr

Stranger: Did u get the package?
You: I did. I signed for it, didn’t you get your receipt?
Stranger: No my ninjas didn’t give me 1
You: Ahh, yes. Sorry. I should have known when the clipboard just appeared in my hands that I was dealing with ninjas.
You: I haven’t opened it yet, per the instructions on the outside.
You: Should I do so now?
Stranger: Yes they are very stealthy.. Yes
You: Alright.
Stranger: Was it what u wanted?
You: … Father, why would you send me a rubber chicken?
You: It is what I wanted, but why would you of all people send it to me?
You: You know I’m deathly allergic.
Stranger: I thought I would help u overcome your allergic reaction to chickens and if u died you would come back as a zombie
You: Father, my throat is closing up…
You: I don’t think I can last much longer.
You: You see what you’ve done?
You: Your only son…
Stranger: U are now turning into a zombie muhahahaha
You: What do we want? BRAINS
You: When do we want ’em? BRAINS
Stranger: Chicken’s brain .. Now!
You: You were right to send me the rubber chicken, Father.
You: Its poor brain cured my zombiehood when I ate it.
Stranger: Yes I knew it would help u and it’s also helping my world domination
You: That’s wonderful, Father! I’m so glad you’re funding your efforts with rubber chicken sales.
Stranger: Yes it is very interesting how the sales keep going up in ratings
You: Your marketing department must be having a fit.
You: Are you going to expand?
Stranger: Yes, I am
You: To what?
Stranger: The world’s largest chicken corporation.
You: Only rubber, father, or are you actually planning on – gasp! – real chickens?
Stranger: Real chickens muhahahahahaahaha
You: I don’t know if I can stand the shock… Father, I must lie down. Forgive me if I leave you.
Stranger: Do not worry, son.
You: We will speak again soon… But for now… I bid you farewell.
Stranger: Son!! Do not leave me!!!!!
You: I must, Father, my poor head can’t take the stress.
Stranger: Son, rest for now. u will awake at dawn.
You: Thank you, Father. Goodbye.

Angels & Airwaves

29 May

Friday morning was rushed & forgetful. No pillow. No paper. No time. Car ride.

And do you ever lay awake at night?
And do you ever tell yourself, ‘Don’t try.’?

Friday itself was comforting, but out of place, somehow. I didn’t have anything. I wasn’t brave enough to do anything. There was no frisbee.

Don’t try to let yourself down… Don’t try to let yourself down.

Friday night was just like I’d remembered it… The depression set in well enough. I was lucky to have Jim. ‘You still awake?’ No answer. Glad?

And do you ever see yourself in love?
And do you ever take a chance, my love?

Saturday morning wasn’t too tired. Breakfast. No writing. Like always.

Because you know that I will… Because you know that I will.

Saturday itself was normality and repetition. Gaining confidence. Skip. Lurch-skip, out-skip. I didn’t know where love was.

So hear this, please; and watch as your heart speeds up endlessly… And look for the stars as the sun goes down- each breath that you take has a thunderous sound…

Saturday night was bottomless black despair. Po-jazz made me glorious… Then po-jazz made me want to break things. Tree. No sleep. Journal. No sleep. Jim. No sleep. Downstairs. No sleep. Sneak. No sleep. Upstairs. No sleep. Journal. No sleep. Need you… No sleep. Then- Run.

Everything, everything’s magic.

Sunday morning was love, and all was right.

Just sit back and hold on, but hold on tight… Prepare for the best and the fastest ride. Reach out your hand and I’ll make you mine-

Sunday itself was an end to many things. Breakfast. No meeting. Bagpipes. Little arranging. Need us…

Everything, everything’s magic.

Can’t Raise It, Though

20 May

I am typing with m,y toes ikn NE CAPss. Thisx is difficult. Also , it is tough top use the nouse. TTrackpads…

were not meant to be used by big toes. Back to hands.

2100. That’s pretty solid. Not bad for no studying and no calculator. It’s not stupid good, but it’ll do. (For now?)

(Jude, I matched your 800.)

When You’re Young And You Want Some

12 May





Just Thought I’d Show You

23 Apr

These are two of the most badass graphs I’ve ever seen.

A graph of the factorial function

The factorial function…

A graph of the inverse of the factorial function

And the inverse of the factorial function.

I didn’t even know there was a factorial function. There are so many things about this that are morally wrong.


Spring (But Over Here[; Then])

14 Apr

Written a while ago, in Connecticut. I just want to get it out of my drafts folder.

I went outside twice [so far] today. Earlier, my grandfather went for a walk, and my father went along because he is my father, and my sister went along because there were puppies to be seen, and I went along because, well, I don’t know why. We walked over three rivers in a fairly large circular route, if you count two tributaries and their combined merger as three.

Torrington is a wasteland, as far as I can tell. My view of this little [relatively] southern world is highly limited, so I know I’m not getting the whole picture, but what I can see is barren and lifeless and muffled. The only two glimmers of hope were the river(s) and the park we passed… And both were surrounded by cement and darkness. (In a very light way. It wasn’t just summery in Vermont, you know.)

I lagged towards the back of our little group, walking along the high cement wall and wondering what would happen if I jumped when we came to the bridge. I want to, sometime. (I think I’d like to do things like bungee and BASE. The only thrills I’ve yet experienced come from You.)

We walked past puppies in a pet store in what I think is called a strip mall. What exactly is a strip mall?

Talking to my grandfather on the way back, I found out that he’s done about seventy-five percent of the genealogy that my mother’s done. So, theoretically, I could have most of my family’s history in my hands with not much effort- I just need to get stuff from my mother and bring the files that are apparently on a floppy or in my grandfather’s Windows 98 machine into a more compatible format… VoilĂ . Roots. (Hmm… You could probably find satisfaction that way, love.) Do I sense a goal? Yes I do.

The second time I went outside was for more than two hours, just sitting on the path behind the house. It’s a haven up there, away from all of the rest of the town. The garden just below is a little odd, but everything’s pleasant. There’s some sort of conifer above, and you can tell that nature has taken over- but only just enough so that everything is green. There’s a raised bed of some plants with pleasantly curved leaves… I wrote for practically all of the time, and read for the rest.

Unfinished. And it’ll stay that way.


6 Apr

Apparently enamel rates higher on the hardness scale than sterling silver.