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Hey, You- Take Two

4 Jan


Hey, You

21 Dec


Uberman Update Four

29 Jul

I had the most vivid dream and my head is spinning. This has never happened to me before. I think it’d be more accurate to say that the contents of my head are spinning; spinning like something a little thinner than the consistency of stew… Anyway.

It was around the time I woke up from my 08:00 nap – 08:30, now – and looking about the way it did then. Violently dark. The sun that leered around the clouds was everything functional and nothing essential. There was no happiness in the way it shined and no benevolent feeling from the little warmth that reached down from the skies- just a pale light like a halogen bulb reaching its end.

Not much happened for a while. This was one of those dreams that so closely parallels real life that you don’t realise until you wake up that it wasn’t, so I was in my room for a while, passing time just like I do between naps.

There were three major events in the dream, all in quick succession- Starting with when I left my room and noticed that Aidan had set the shower on fire again* by staying in too long. There was smoke billowing out into the hallway from the bathroom that suddenly seemed a lot bigger than I remembered, and though I couldn’t see him, I knew Aidan was inside, trying to salvage what little he could.

As I proceeded down the hallway, the second event soon hit me. I was late for driving lessons! I looked out the window to check the weather and saw the third event. I remember shrugging and pulling on a coat, which will be hilariously funny when you know what the third event is. Anyway, for some reason, me taking driving lessons meant that I drove to the lessons, too. Which doesn’t make a whit of sense to me now.

As I was driving, I saw the third event on the horizon. There were actually two of them, the storm warning on the radio told us. Hurricanes. (Thinking back, this is actually the second time in the past few naps I’ve dreamed of tornados and hurricanes and twisters and that sort of thing.) I saw them both and was not worried in the slightest, though the car was being rocked and lifted off its wheels.

My alarm woke me before things went any further, but Id’ve liked to have been dreaming for a while longer; I had this feeling of longing that lingered for a couple of hours after I awoke. Anyway, there’s your taste of dreamland. Anyone else have any interesting dreams lately?

*This was apparently a very frequent event.


13 Mar

1. Went to bed at twelve seventeen, after reading most of Eoin Colfer‘s Airman (you know him; he wrote Artemis Fowl, and it’s pronounced OH-EN KAL-FER).

2. Had some fantastically trippy dreams, involving some kind of narcotic, clockwork elephants on stilts, full armour from an asian country of some sort, a gymnasium, a wild chase scene, and a phosphorus-based electric-green gas that worked like chloroform.

3. Transferred to the floor at some point. I really forget, but I started on the bed and ended up on the floor. (This sounds harmless and fairly cute, but it begins to be dangerous when you realise that I regularly sleep six feet in the air. Luckily, though, my method of descent did in fact involve the ladder.)

4. Reality began to mix with dream when I was woken by my sister playing the piano at full volume. Was not pleased. … Could not bring myself to move to stop it.

5. Pretended I had no legs and attempted to figure out how to retrieve my glasses (they were in the loft). Made out really well, actually, and did eventually get them without the use of pedal locomotion, but in the end decided that while it was a fun pursuit, I would rather keep my legs in use.

6. Groggily sat in my chair and was surprised to see that someone was already talking to me (and before I saw the time, surprised that someone was even up at this time in the morning). Received a much more pleasant wake up call from Eli. Celebrated 10:05, not 22:05, for the first time in ages.

7. … Yeah.